Busy Not Contributing

I'm a stay at home parent. Big man starts school next week, little man starts school next year. Then what?

I'm jobhunting. I might volunteer. I dont want an amazing job, just a part time job that fits in with childcare (family) and pays a wage. Casual work is my ideal, i can go to the kids appointments & deal with time off school without the hassle of asking for time off.
When people ask what I do I'll have an answer for them.

I don't envy working mums, my house would be a right dump or the kids would have no clean uniform or something. It must be hard work having to do everything, even when you've got a supportive partner. It must be nice to have the possibility of more money, savings for old age and that. There's no overtime on benefits.
I have a conflicted partner. He works full time, he's setting up a business. He wants me to help with it (I do admin when he hasn't time anyway) but i refuse to work alongside him. When I previously worked part time he hated it. When I don't work he hates it.

Right now I'm sponging off all of you "hard working people" on tax credits and his wage. I'm feeling a bit rubbish about it. Don't make it worse by asking what I do all day.

Not working 9 to 5.


Stop The Itch!

I've never been so itchy!! A few weeks back a nasty rash appeared all over, I looked like I'd been attacked by things that bite. I left it a week as I assumed it'd go, thought maybe I'd had an allergic reaction.
When I did give in and go to the doctors my scalp psoriasis, which has always lurked, had gone into overdrive. I scratch it out in the morning, by tea time it's back. I also get ear infections because of it.

Now I have guttate psoriasis  too. It can start after a throat infection  (I had a really bad sore throat about a month before) appears very quickly & leaves after a few weeks or months. Meanwhile I'm peeling & itchy. The cream they give (Dovobet) seems to make it peel, my face is now as smooth as a newborn baby.
Coconut oil seems to help on scalp psoriasis. I've had the shampoos but always have to scratch it out anyway. I'm tempted to lighten my hair to help hide it but having been dark forever so I'm hesitant.
I'm currently on Pinterest checking out all the natural methods if only to stop me scratching. It'd be nice if it wasn't trial & error!
To be fair it could be worse. I have family members with psoriasis which isn't going away any time soon. My sister's eczema used to be so bad she always looked bright red and still sleeps with a fan on every night. At least this will be gone in a few weeks.


All About Us

There's 4 of us, the "average" family whatever that is. Little Man is 4 & Big Man is 5. We live in God's Own County.
I'm a stay at home parent but I'm on the lookout. What do stay home parents do once all their kids are in school? I'm not sure I'd be totally happy if I'm honest. The extra money might be nice too. We're also attempting to start a business but it's slow going. Every little helps! 
I'm not totally sure what will end up on here but it'll involve kids, school, SEN & plenty of random stuff too.