Busy Not Contributing

I'm a stay at home parent. Big man starts school next week, little man starts school next year. Then what?

I'm jobhunting. I might volunteer. I dont want an amazing job, just a part time job that fits in with childcare (family) and pays a wage. Casual work is my ideal, i can go to the kids appointments & deal with time off school without the hassle of asking for time off.
When people ask what I do I'll have an answer for them.

I don't envy working mums, my house would be a right dump or the kids would have no clean uniform or something. It must be hard work having to do everything, even when you've got a supportive partner. It must be nice to have the possibility of more money, savings for old age and that. There's no overtime on benefits.
I have a conflicted partner. He works full time, he's setting up a business. He wants me to help with it (I do admin when he hasn't time anyway) but i refuse to work alongside him. When I previously worked part time he hated it. When I don't work he hates it.

Right now I'm sponging off all of you "hard working people" on tax credits and his wage. I'm feeling a bit rubbish about it. Don't make it worse by asking what I do all day.

Not working 9 to 5.

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