Still Itching

Exactly 2 months later my legs are covered in psoriasis. They're itchy. I ran out of cream weeks ago but was told to wait a bit. I'm not a fan of medicated creams anyway (my mum has almost transparent skin due to steroid creams) so I've been using coconut oil. The downside is it seems to make the itching worse. I don't scratch too much but I've a bad habit of peeling it so I guess that's making it linger. 2 months ago I was a person, I think I'm turning reptile. I'm quite fed up but have decided I won't cover up. I'd be a total hypocrite. If anyone else had it I'd tell them not to be so daft, it's too warm and they should just ignore other people. My kids would think I was being daft too. So I'm showing people my strange spotty legs. I'm sure they'll cope.

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