We don't do Halloween in our house. We're not miserable sods & we do hand sweets out, maybe put a few decorations up. We just don't do the things that most people with children do. We don't do trick or treat, neither kid likes sweets anyway. We don't go to parties or dress up.

Big Man won't. He'll happily give treats to those who do, he just doesn't want to do the other stuff. He doesn't get why you'd knock on doors asking for things especially as we'd tell him off on any other day. He doesn't want to dress up, he's quite happy as himself thank you. As for parties he likes them as long as he's in a play gym or a disco. Going to somebodies house being offered food he doesn't recognise & playing games he doesn't understand isn't much fun.

Little Man isn't much more enthusiastic. If he knew he could get crisps and biscuits he'd do it every week, he may even dress up. He just isn't that confident yet & i'm quite happy to get out of trawling the dark cold streets harassing the neighbours for a few more years!