You're not invited to my party.

That's what his best buddy greeted him with on the first day back at school. I'm not entirely sure they're still best buds. Big Man is pretty oblivious to these things. 
Maybe his mum told him who he couldn't invite. They do get a bit rough. Big Man doesn't know when to stop so someone will eventually get hurt. I can understand if she didn't want him there i suppose. It's probably easier.
Maybe he's gotten fed up of Big Man constantly talking at him, wrestling him, following him around. He's been pretty tolerant so far. 
I've been aware of parties that have happened since he started big school. Parties that have been discussed, just not with me. That was fine, he doesn't have many friends and he's not fussy about who he'll play with. This is different. This was a friend and a little unexpected. 

Honeymoon period is definitely over.

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