This is a reasonably accurate picture of our kids during their nativity performances!

Big Man would not get into costume (all white for angels) but he did take his school jumper, shoes and socks off. He made his teacher wear his halo & sat playing with fiddly things while the class performed. He did sing a bit, he didn't cause chaos & he waved to us. 

Little Man also refused to dress up so was told he could come as just a boy (Jesus) He still doesn't realise he was the main man! He sang, pulled faces, loved every minute of it even though he'll never admit to it. Next step, dance classes!!


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
As Noddy Holder would say!

We love a bit of Christmas. It's the only celebration our kids actually enjoy! They don't really understand Halloween, they don't like sweets. Bonfire night is noisy and dangerous. They like birthdays but aren't keen on parties. 
So we've got the trees up (yes that's multiple) and various lights & decorations. They helped, i sorted it out afterwards. They even put Christmas music on while they did it. We have nativity plays coming up which could be interesting. Big Man is bailing out of the disco, it'll be too cold to go outside to escape the noise and people. We haven't been to see Santa or his reindeer, it's always a no. We did manage a german market which was incredibly busy and not very enjoyable for any of us, i don't see the attraction. We've also wrapped all the presents, the kids are delivering them this week. 
On the big day we'll go to see family and eat too much. Big Man won't, he doesn't eat much socially so he'll nibble at everything and watch films. We watch way too many films over the school holidays! We'll get out for a walk if it's really nice. We have to have a walk in the dark at least once to look at everyone's lights.
I say all this as there seems to be lots of "Autism at Christmas" campaigns about. Some are pretty amusing and almost spot on for many. 

Some, like that National Autistic Society campaign are downright negative so far. Of the "12 Days of Autistic Christmas" that I've seen so far my son is nothing like them. They seem stereotypical, depressing, almost giving the impression that people with autism are antisocial & hide away or trash things throughout the festive season. In our house it's pretty much the opposite! 

There are undoubtedly many thousands of children and adults who are affected this way around Christmas (and every other day) but there are also many thousands of children with various conditions including ASD who absolutely love it! It'd be lovely if they could also feature somewhere.

If you do anything to "support families living with autism" or anything else for that matter, increase your knowledge. Knowledge is power as the saying goes. Read things by those affected, speak with those affected if they want to. If more people were aware of the facts around neurological conditions, disabilities, mental health, poverty (the list is endless) then the world could be a much nicer place for all.
People affected would appreciate your efforts!

If you donate i recommend a local charity supporting people in your area especially local support groups, day centres and activity groups. They are the ones who provide the most hands on support.