The Holiday

The holiday was a success!

The taxi to the airport was okay. UK check in was iffy, Big Man didn't want to part with his suitcase. Little Man waved it off!
Security wasn't great. Big Man immediately screamed at the sight of it so we were allowed through the family bit & skipped the body scanners. I had to show him where his bag had gone as he was convinced someone had it.

Everything after that was great. We told the cabin crew (Monarch) about his autism when we boarded & were moved to a quieter part of the plane. They needn't have bothered as both kids absolutely loved it! Dad was bricking it for much of the flight.

So a lovely warm week was had & all enjoyed most of it. We're even hoping to go back but will opt for a very heated pool next time!


New Year New You!

Does anybody actually stick to their resolutions? I don't but this year I have one, it should be easy. I'm growing my nails. Again.