Term Time Holidays a Big Grey Area

So the court ruling went against term time holidays, I think most of us saw that coming! Will a small fine put people off? When the cost of a holiday is double in the holidays i highly doubt it.

Unfortunately parenting a SEND child does not qualify as exceptional circumstances even though many of these children would have an awful holiday in the school holidays. We went in January and Big Man still kicked off quite a bit. That was at possibly the quietest time of year with no queues, empty pools & beaches and half empty planes. I plan to try for a winter half term next time but I dread it.
As far as I'm concerned our holidays are just as beneficial as school is at primary age. Both kids learn about another country and different people even if we go to the same place every year. If anything the difference in language can make things easier for Big Man, people struggle to understand his speech anyway. This was the first time they'd flown & whilst Little Man would be fine he'd be very distracted/embarrassed/distressed by his brother's reaction to a massive queue at check in. Without a diagnosis there is no special assistance & even if there was, his reaction to being split from his brother (only the person being assisted & one carer are fast tracked) would be just as bad. Big Man cannot cope well with crowds, noise, waiting, restaurants, people find it difficult to cope with him too unfortunately. I can only imagine what it's like with wheelchairs & other equipment, or if parents are in the armed forces etc. Luckily our school does include certain professions in their exceptions.

I can understand schools not wanting to be seen as giving special treatment to 'special' needs children. It'd be nice if a description of 'exceptional circumstances' could be written by the courts so that every school had a decent description to aid the discretion of the head.

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