First TAF meeting was enlightening. Me & 5 professionals plus our lovely SENCo. We seem to have a decent team and it wasn't totally intimidating.

First the bad bits. A parenting course has been offered, i shall jump through the hoop & it may even be useful with Little Man. Halfway through The Head popped in with a safeguarding issue. Big Man seems to think he's been playing out unsupervised. I've been assured this is no reflection on us but let's face it, if our parenting is questioned we can present Little Man. I also got 'see if Dad can attend some meetings.' How do people work & have kids with additional needs? If I worked they'd have sacked me for poor attendance by now.

The good bits? It seemed very productive, our Ed Psych seems enthusiastic and Little Man may get some support out of it. We've got more strategies to try and since returning to school there have been no incidents.

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