Well those reintegration meetings are lovely. 3 adults plus Mum all sat discussing Big Man and what he did wrong 3 days ago. Not at all intimidating or shaming.
We now have a "meet and greet" arrangement whereby we drop off & collect at the front entrance. This could be a good thing as long as it doesn't become permanent. If his nails are too long or too sharp (he grabs a lot) he will be sent away until they are more suitable. He is now eating lunch away from other children, i'm not sure about this but he prefers it and i guess he gets a break.
If he is formally excluded again (i think he will be) a reduced timetable will be the most likely result. This is the bit i dislike. I do not want him missing education due to his sensory needs just as much as i do not want him hurting people.

On a positive note we now have a TAF meeting to look forward to, Ed Psyche referral among others and most people involved seem to be more proactive. I do wonder if they allowed him to fail in order to gain the assessments & support. I suspect the Headteacher will put on a show of assistance and help, but we appear to be moving to opposing sides. I'm becoming that parent both at school and at home.

For info on exclusions & reduced timetables these have been quite useful. Also worth trying local council & the usual social media forums.
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