Reality Check

An age ago (April) i rang for a DLA form. I've just received payment in my account, it would seem he qualifies for middle rate care. When i rang up, filled it in, even until yesterday i thought he would never qualify. At most i thought we had a chance at low rate so i was quite surprised but also disappointed. His needs are more than i thought.

It also seems it depends very much on whose desk the form lands on. Our form was filled in without professional help, we have no diagnosis, he's only 5 so has all the needs of a small child! We also had very little in the way of evidence other than the ASD referral & his school exclusion. I did include extra sheets on the support he receives in school, our struggles with public transport and his incredibly fussy eating habits.

Our form was processed pretty quickly too, school & speech therapy weren't contacted either. The person literally looked at what i'd written and believed it. It just shows that it's always worth a go, you may be pleasantly surprised as we are.

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